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Toxic Assets

Bad Egg - Humpty Dumpty
You have that employee that doesn't quite fit or is not quite up to performance standards. Some refer ... read more
Happy Face - Always Right
Do you have that "always right" never in doubt employee in your organization? We've all seen them, some ... read more
Walkway Stroller / Cubicle Prairie Dog
Do you have a Walkway Stroller/Web Browser at your office? You may recognize the type: Characteristics: Highly mobile ... read more
Blind Optimist
Do you have a Blind Optimist at work? The kind of person who sees good in everything, no ... read more
Zealous Extremist
Do you have a Zealous Extremist working for you? Characteristics: Strong personal values and life principles; completely passionate ... read more
Emotional Moody
Do you have an "Emotional Moody" type person working for you? Almost every multiple employee organization today has ... read more
Mini Napoleon in uniform
Do you have a Mini Napoleon employee in your midst? Almost every organization has experienced some form or ... read more
Verbal Caustic
Almost every organization has experienced some form or another of a Toxic Employee; someone who, whether consciously or ... read more
Boss's Huge Ego
There are typically all sorts of various personalities working in an organization. In previous blogs we have reviewed ... read more
Incessant Complainer
Incessant Complainers. Do you have this type of employee in your organization? Characteristics: Non-stop complaining about the company, ... read more
Crowd Pleaser
Crowd Pleasers - Is there one in your Employ? We've all seen them, some of us have worked with ... read more
Drama Queen
Do you have a Drama Queen or King? You know the type... They like to make dust bunnies ... read more

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